Brig. Gen. Dr. Yuval Bitton

Brig.-Gen. Dr. Yuval Bitton, head of the Israel Prison Service Intelligence Division.

Dr. Bitton began his career in the prison service as a dentist, when he first became

acquainted with security prisoners. In 2008, he decided to undergo professional  

retraining to  the field of intelligence. Since then, he has served in a number of

positions, including: intelligence officer of Ketziot Prison, head of the terrorism 

branch  in the Intelligence Division, head of the research and assessment department,

head of the intelligence collection department, and for the past three years – head

of the Israel Prison Service Intelligence Division.

The Israel Prison Service Intelligence Division is a unique division in Israel and

around the world, and combines all types of intelligence collection, tracking,

research, crime and terrorism prevention, operation of agents and special units.

The Prison Service Intelligence cooperates with security and law enforcement

agencies in Israel and around the world in the form of joint operational activity, the

exchange of operational information and mutual learning.

The Israel Prison Service Intelligence Division is responsible for managing dialogue

and contact with the security prisoners, and thus constitutes a unique model of its


Head, Intelligence Divison, Israeli Prison Service (IPS), Israel

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