White Supremacists & Right-Wing Terrorism - Is the Genie out of the Bottle?

White Supremacists & Right-Wing Terrorism - Is the Genie out of the Bottle?

With the world's demographics increasingly changing and shifting, a rise in white supremacist and right-wing extremist attitude, thinking, and actions has accompanied it. In 2015, a white supremacist entered an African American Charleston church and killed nine people. In 2017, we saw a white supremacist march through the streets of Charlottesville, at the 'Unite the Right' rally, where a white supremacist perpetrated a car ramming attack to kill a counter-protester. In 2018, the Tree of life Synagogue attack in Pittsburgh constituted the deadliest attack against Jews in U.S. history. In March 2019, the world witnessed the Christchurch massacre where a white supremacist murdered 51 people at two mosques in New Zealand. On May 1st, 2019, members of a right-wing neo-Nazi political party marched through the streets of Saxony, Germany, (the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day) protesting foreigners.


This is a growing phenomenon, and with the rise of nationalist and populists’ governments across the globe, right-wing extremists feel brazen enough to commit these acts. The experts at this workshop will explore this phenomenon and ask the question: Is the Genie out of the Bottle?

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