The Steven E. Stern Workshop on Cyber-Terrorism

The Steven E. Stern Workshop on Cyber-Terrorism

Recent years have seen the exponential growth of the cyber world. The rise of this sphere has given people the option of anonymity and selectivity in access, while simultaneously allowing global connectivity. In addition, the outstanding dependency of today’s world on the cyberspace, have made this arena the new forefront in terrorism.  As we increasingly rely on technologies and the cyber sphere to navigate through the world, terrorists have found ways to use these same technologies for malicious purposes. In circumstances where terrorist organizations may utilize the internet to inflict physical damage to property, including critical infrastructure such as electrical grids, water systems and railroads – such events may be classified as cyber-terrorism, in accordance with many jurisdictions’ definitions of terrorist acts. Terrorist-initiated cyber-attacks have been rare until now, for reasons that may include the small number of terrorist organizations that are capable of conducting such cyberattacks; and the lack of motivation on the part of terrorist organizations to focus on such operations due to reduced visibility of impact, as compared to operations carried out in the physical world.


The workshop will attempt to understand the threats emanating from the cyberspace, the ramifications (legal, ethical, and others), as well as the counter-terrorist options available. Workshop experts will provide an up-to-date picture of developments in the cyber realm. This will include an exploration of the rise in use of digital currency by terrorist entities and use of artificial intelligence.

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