Ms. Tallie Lipkin Shahak

Currently hosting  T.V. and radio news talk-shows, editing and

presenting radio documentaries and serving as chief editor and

presenter of the daily "security strip" program in Galei-Tzahal (IDF



Served on the editorial staff of the daily “Davar", and made history

when in 1982 was appointed first female military correspondent in

the Israeli press, covering the war in Lebanon and the 1st

Intifadah, as well as current security issues.



Lipkin-Shahak was involved in content, and narrated the

documentary "Moments in October", stories from the 1973 War

(1998),  "Catch 82" –a  5 pieces documentary series on the War

in Lebanon (2002) and "Children writing to Rabin", a

documentary  following the influence of the assassination of Prime

Minister Rabin on children (2003).




Lipkin-Shahak was one of the founders, and still is involved in the forum of media women, "Women Friends of the Rape Crisis Centers", that launch  nation-wide awareness campaigns on these issues.

Editor and Anchor, Defense Programs, Galei Tsahal, Israel

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