State of Israel for thirty-five years and is one of the architects of

Israel’s law enforcement counterterrorist doctrine. Horowitz joined

the INP, the Israel National Police, in 1981, after completing his

military service in the Combat Engineers. Horowitz served the INP

as a bomb-disposal technician in postings throughout the country.

His service was exemplary and he quickly rose up the ranks to

ultimately serve in a multitude of commands and responsibilities,

including commanding the INP’s Security Unit, and the INP

Representative to the Prime Minister’s Counterterrorist Command.

Commander Horowitz served as the head of all INP Bomb-Disposal

Units during the al-Aqsa intifada, leading a force of 450 bomb

technicians during the largest terrorist offensive ever mounted

against a western democracy. Palestinian terrorists perpetrated

hundreds of suicide bombings during this period that resulted in over 1,000 Israeli fatalities and INP bomb technicians were on the front lines for the entire conflict. In 2004, Assistant-Commissioner Horowitz was appointed to serve as the INP’s Representative to the National Security Council, where he helped to forge national policy on policing issues, international liaisons and the incorporation of new technologies to mitigate advanced terrorist threats. In 2008, Assistant-Commissioner Horowitz was appointed the deputy head of operations at INP Headquarters and directed day-to-day operations for the nationwide force, as well as spearheading counterterrorist command for large-scale events and operations, including the 2009 visit of Pope Benedict XVI. Assistant-Commissioner Horowitz retired from national service in 2011, after serving as the head of the Ministry of Public Security’s Community Policing Authority. Shaike Horowitz is a member of the International Association Bomb Tec Investigation; the International Police Association; ASIS International; and, the Israel Defense Forces’ Disabled Veterans Association. Horowitz specializes in planning and management of large-scale security programs and counterterrorist doctrines, providing guidance to public and private institutions on various subjects, including personal security, infrastructure security installation, and security technologies.

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Shaike Horowitz

Associate, ICT, IDC Herzliya & Former Commander of the Security Unit & Bomb-Disposal Unit, Israel National Police (INP), Israel

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