Comm. Saad Amrani

Com.. Amrani started his career as deputy superintendent in charge

with the implementation of community policing  in daily processes

from 1998 to 2002, in the north of Brussels.He then led a judicial

team in two different districts, before joining the General staff of the

Brussels Chief of police in 2006.

For a period of 7 years, he was tasked with the coordination of

public order issues, radicalization, and international relations.

In 2011 he became a member of the National Task Force for the

Syrian Fighters. He was also tasked by the European External Action

Service as team leader in Myanmar, after communal clashes

between Muslims and Buddhists, leading to a reform and training

program of the police service.

He was then appointed Deputy-Director of the Intervention service

and is a lecturer in different European countries as well as in the


He also articulated an exchange program between the Moroccan anti-terrorist police and the Belgian police, in the context of the Syrian war and the issue of the foreign terrorist fighters.

After his nomination as Chief-Commissioner, he was then appointed strategic advisor of the Commissioner General of the Federal police, mainly in charge with operational matters, counter-terrorism and the follow-up of the Syrian fighters returnees.

He is attached as an expert in two of the main Belgian government security bodies, the “Coordination Committee for Intelligence and Security” and the “ Strategic Committee for Intelligence and Security” that prepare the decision-making process of National Security Council, presided by the Prime Minister. 

Chief Commissioner & Policy Advisor, Federal Police, Belgium

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