Prof. Randall Rogan

Randall G. Rogan (Ph.D., Michigan State University).   Dr. Rogan is

Professor of Communication and recently served as Interim Dean and

Senior Associate Dean of The College at Wake Forest University. 

Professor Rogan’s research program is two-fold. Traditionally, his

work has been in forensic discourse analysis of crisis negotiations

and author identification. In particular, his research focuses on the

affective and framing features of conflict communication, for which

he has received scholarly awards. His 1997 book, (co-edited with

M.R. Hammer & C. Van Zandt), Dynamic Processes of Crisis

Negotiation: Theory, Research and Practice, was awarded the

“Outstanding Book Award” in 1998 by the International Association

of Conflict Management. Professor Rogan is also co-editor of the

recently published books: Rogan, R.G., & Lanceley, F. (Eds.),

Contemporary Theory, Research, and Practice of Crisis and Hostage

Negotiation; and Donohue, W.A., Rogan, R. G., & Kaufman, S.,

(Eds.), Framing Matters: Perspectives on Negotiation Research and

Practice in Communication. This last book was recently nominated

for the 2012 “Outstanding Book Award” from the International Association of Conflict Management. Dr. Rogan is recognized as an international expert and leading researcher in crisis negotiation. Dr. Rogan has consulted with various law enforcement agencies on crisis negotiation and threatening communication, as well as serving as an invited speaker at several international crisis negotiation meetings. He was an invited speaker at International Conference on Police Interventions in Crisis Situations; Ecole Nationale de Police du Quebec, Nicolet, Quebec, Canada, where he gave a keynote talk on the dynamics of intercultural communication in crisis and hostage negotiation and was also an expert panelist debating the use of tactical force when engaging persons suffering from mental illness during a stand-off. Of particular noteworthiness, his communication analysis of written documents was central to the investigation that resulted in the arrest of the Unabomber. Additionally, Dr. Rogan’s research focuses on the communication-based analysis of terrorism, with particular attention on the discourse of jihadism, its foundational jurisprudence, and the ideology for jihad against democracy. He has published studies exploring the narrative of identity construction and recruitment narratives manifested in various jihadist publications. He has been a speaker at the World Summit for Counter-Terrorism in Herzliya, Israel for a number of years.

Professor of Communication, Wake Forst University, United States

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