MK Ofer Shelah

Member of Parliament, "Blue & White" Party, Israel

Born in 1960. Served in the Paratrooper Corps of the IDF in regular

and reserve duty. In 1983 he lost an eye in Lebanon after a severe

injury caused by an IED.

Holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics and English, Magna cum

Laude, from Tel Aviv University. Received a MFA in English and

Creative Writing from New York University.

Worked as a journalist since 1988 at both "Maariv" and "Yediot

Ahronot" newspapers and in Ynet- the largest news website in

Israel. He also worked as a commentator for the Israeli Sport

Channel and co-hosted news and investigative shows. Wrote

columns and articles on security, political and state military

relations for twenty years.

MK Shelah has published eight books, including one novel and

four books about the IDF and Israeli Defense related decision-making

process. His latest book "Haometz Lenatzeach" (Dare to win) about the concept of national security in Israel, won the Yizhak Sade award for military literature in 2016.

His political career began in 2013 when he was elected as a Member of Knesset for the 19th Knesset. Became the head of Yesh Atid faction and as a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense and the Finance committees. MK Shelah played a key role in the Shaked Committee in 2013 which helped pass the 'Hashiviun Banetel' bill [Imposing equal army service on all Israeli citizens].

Elected for a second term in the 20th Knesset, 2015. Continued his role as the head of Yesh Atid faction and a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. He is the chairman of a few lobbies, including the "White and Blue" lobby (promoting purchase of Israeli made products), the Self Employed lobby and culture lobby. MK Shelah is also involved in agricultural issues and defending the rights of soldiers and Disabled IDF veterans.

Elected for a third term in the 21st Knesset, 2019

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