Mr. Milo Comerford

Milo Comerford is an analyst at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. His role

focuses on developing innovative research approaches and policy responses to

extremist ideology, and he has co-authored major reports on jihadi propaganda,

pathways to extremism, and counter-narratives. Milo has briefed and provided

evidence for government agencies, including the Home Office, Foreign &

Commonwealth Office, State Department, Department of Defence, and National

Counter Terrorism Centre. He has worked with international organisations including

the Global Counter Terrorism Forum and several UN bodies, on developing effective

strategies for countering extremism.


Milo’s research and expertise have been featured on international media including

Sky News, BBC, the Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, the Times, and CNN, and he

regularly writes for outlets including the New Statesman, the Independent, the 

Spectator, and Newsweek. Milo graduated from the University of Oxford and

previously worked on a global education programme, building open-mindedness

and resilience to extremism in young people across 30 countries. He is also a

Non-Resident Fellow at the Abu Dhabi-based think tank TRENDS.

Analyst, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, United Kingdom

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