Adv. Miguel Bronfman

Miguel Bronfman is an Argentine lawyer based in Buenos Aires,

specializing in criminal and international law, and human rights.

 In 1998, he started to work in the criminal proceedings for the

terrorist attack of July 18, 1994, against the Argentine

Jewish Community Center (AMIA), and since 2008,

he has led the legal team that represents AMIA on

every judicial proceeding related to the case. In 2009,

he submitted the case before the Supreme Court and obtained

a favorable ruling, re-opening the case and allowing further

investigations. He also led the legal action against the

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) related to the AMIA

case that the Argentine government signed with the

Islamic Republic of Iran in 2013. The MOU, after a two-year

legal process, was deemed unconstitutional and thus was

never in effect. Miguel has written articles and opinion columns on

national and international media and has given lectures about the case and terrorism in his own country, in the United States, Canada, and Israel.

Attorney at Law, and Former Court Officer, National Criminal Court, Argentina

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