Mr. Michael McPherson

Mr. McPherson is a 20 year veteran of the Federal Bureau of

Investigation (FBI) assigned to the Counterterrorism Division at FBI

Headquarters.  In his current position, Mr. McPherson supports,

coordinates, and provides oversight of all FBI counterterrorism

operations as they specifically relate to US-based international

terrorism subjects and groups.


Upon graduation from New Agent Training, Mr. McPherson spent

seven years assigned to an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement

Task Force in the New York Division where he investigated

Colombian drug trafficking organizations operating in the

metropolitan area.  In 2004, Mr. McPherson was transferred to the

San Juan Division where was assigned to a Violent Crimes Task

Force which investigated bank robberies, kidnappings, and

fugitives.  He served on the Division SWAT teams in both New York

and San Juan.


In 2005, Mr. McPherson was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent and served in the International Terrorism Operations Section I within the Counterterrorism Division as a Program Manager and ultimately Unit Chief.  In this capacity, Mr. McPherson provided headquarters level oversight of all US-based international terrorism investigations for a particular region of the country.


In 2008, Mr. McPherson transferred to the Tampa Division where he supervised the Joint Terrorism Task Force for Domestic Terrorism.  Following that tour, Mr. McPherson transferred to the Washington Field Office in June of 2015, where he served as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC).  As the ASAC, he supervised all US-based international terrorism investigations in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia.


Mr. McPherson transferred to the Counterterrorism Division in October of 2016 and assumed his current position.


Mr. McPherson is an FBI certified Intelligence Officer and is fluent in the Spanish language.


Mr. McPherson is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Academy and served on active duty for 10 years prior to joining the FBI.

Deputy Assistant Director, Counter-Terrorism Division, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States

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