Prof. Luigi Moccia

Department of Political Sciences, Roma Tre University, Italy

Full professor (since 1986) of Comparative law, holder of the Jean

Monnet Chair (since 1999) in European Union Law & Institutions.

Founder and President of the “Centre Altiero Spinelli-Jean Monnet

Centre of Excellence” (Centro di eccellenza Altiero Spinelli-CeAS),

established in 2003, at University Roma Tre. His main research

interests and activities, connected with the European integration

process, are focused on projects in the field  of international

relations and European neighbourhood policies, with regard in

particular to Euro-Mediterranean integration and university

cooperation for sustainable development and peace, in

collaboration with national and international institutions and


In this field he has been working, more recently, on the idea of

global citizenship, cultural diversity, and intercultural dialogue.  


He has held various academic positions (among others: Dean of the

Faculty of Political Science, 1998-2008, and Director of post-

graduates courses). He has been visiting professor,  and delivered

lectures at universities abroad (including: Inter-University Research

and Training Centre, Shenzen, China, 1990; University of Poona,

India, 1993; East China University of Politics and Law, Shanghai, China, 2000, 2007, 2010; Université de Liège, Belgium, 2006; Universidad Argentina de la Empresa, UADE, Buenos Aires, and Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, 2008; Universidade Federal da Bahia, Salvador de Bahia, Brasil, 2010; University of Oradea,  Romania, where he was awarded (2010) the Dr. h.c. in Political Science, for his “outstanding merits in the field of European studies”). He has been invited as speaker to international conferences/seminars in (among others): Barcelona, Spain (2012: “Ciudadania Europea I Democràcia: la reforma de l’Acta electoral i dels partits politics europeus”, Universitat Pompeu Fabra); Brussels, Belgium (2014: “Arab-European Dialogue in the 21st Century… Towards a Common Vision,” conference held under the auspices of the European Parliament); Berlin, Germany (2015: “Europäisches Forum 2015 zum Chinesischen Weg” (Deutschland-Teil) Konferenz, “Der Chinesische Weg: Erfolge, Gründe, Probleme und Lösungen,”); Universidad de Granada, Spain (2015: “La reforma de la gobernanza económica de la Unión Europea y el progreso de la integración política”, Congreso Internacional); Université de Genève, Switzerland (2016: “The Future of the European Union”, Jean Monnet Chairs Colloquium); Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany (2017: 1st World Conference for Chinese Studies).


Among his publications (translated/published abroad): 2018 MOCCIA, L., La formación del derecho europeo. Una perspectiva historico-comparada, Universidad Complutense, Edición Latino Americana, Ediciones Olejnik, Santiago - Chile, pp. 7-39; 2017 MOCCIA, L. (ed.), Identity Issues and Intercultural Challenges: A European and Global Perspective on Peace in the World, Al-Babtain Cultural Foundation; 2017 MOCCIA, L., POP (eds.), Migrants & Refugees Across Europe, “European Studies – vol. 2,” European University Press/Europäischer Universitätsverlag, Berlin-Bochum et al., pp. 9-433; 2014 MOCCIA, L., WOESLER, M. (eds.), China and Europe. Fostering the Mutual Understanding Between China and Europe by Multi-level Comparison of their Cultures, Societies, and Economies,  “European Studies – vol. 1,” European University Press/Europäischer Universitätsverlag, Berlin-Bochum et al., pp. 9-500; 2013 MOCCIA, L. (ed.), The Making of European Private Law: Why, How, What, Who, Sellier European Law Publishers (selp), Munich, pp. v-225; 2012 FREIRE SOARES, R. M. , MOCCIA, L. (e outros, coordinatores), Estudios aplicados de filosofia do direito, Editora JusPodium, Salvador-Bahia, pp. 7-504.


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