Comm Luc Van Der Taelen

Luc Van Der Taelen started his police career in 1983 in the local

municipal police force of Anderlecht and was promoted 

superintendent in Molenbeek in 1991.

In Molenbeek, he was consecutively appointed as CID (criminal

investigation dept) leader, director community policing, and

responsible for the local integrated security plan. He joined several

international humanitarian missions in the Middle East between

2006 and 2011 (Jordan, Palestine) and on his return he was

appointed EU/Be project manager on Coppra, the community

policing project preventing radicalisation, (violent) extremism and



He is a member of the central CT (counter terrorism) unit of the

Belgian federal police and in this position, he joined the First Line

project as the Belgian Federal police decided to contribute to this

valuable project.


Luc Van Der Taelen is a trainer community policing, Coppra, human rights (at the holocaust museum) and BGT (basic generic training) in several academies and institutes in Belgium.

Project Manager, Community Policing and the Prevention of Radicalisation (CoPPRa) & Superintendent, Central Counter-Terrorism Unit, Federal Police Belgium

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