Major Keren Hajioff is the Head of Social Media in the IDF

Spokesperson Unit’s International Branch. She commands the

IDF’s English, French, and Spanish social media pages on

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with a combined

following of over 5 million.

Originally from London, England, Major Keren Hajioff drafted into

the IDF in 2009, initially serving as an instructor in the Artillery

Corps. After graduating from officer’s training school as the

“Exemplary Cadet” of her company, Keren became an instructing

officer in the officers’ training school, where she trained incoming

IDF officers.

Keren then went on to serve in the IDF Foreign Relations Unit,

working with foreign militaries. During the 2014 Gaza conflict,

Keren moved to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit and was a commander

in the IDF Spokesperson’s Visual Center, where she was responsible for sharing real-time footage from the field to the international audience.

After two years serving as the Deputy Head of Public Diplomacy in the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, Keren was appointed to be the Head of Public Diplomacy, as well as being promoted to the rank of Major. Keren has been the Head of Social Media since August 2018.

Keren holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Bar Ilan University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Political Communication.

Major Keren Hajioff

Head of Social Media, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel

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