Jay S. Tabb, Jr. currently serves as the Executive Assistant Director

of the National Security Branch. In this role, he is responsible for

ensuring the FBI successfully executes its national security mission

to defend the United States and its interests from national security

threats, ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass



Mr. Tabb began his FBI service in 1997 as a Special Agent and

was first assigned to FBI Dallas, investigating international and

domestic terrorism, violent crimes, and drug trafficking. He also

served as a firearms instructor, Special Agent Bomb Technician, and

SWAT team member.


Beginning in 2004, Mr. Tabb served as an operator on the Hostage

Rescue Team, providing tactical support for counterterrorism

operations, hostage situations, and major criminal threats world-wide. For courageous action along with critical injuries sustained, Mr. Tabb received the FBI Medal of Valor and two FBI Stars.


Over the course of his career, Mr. Tabb has held leadership roles within the FBI's Washington Field Office, Critical Incident Response Group, and Counterterrorism Division. Most recently as Special Agent in Charge of the Seattle Field Office, he oversaw all FBI investigations and operations in the state of Washington. Mr. Tabb's awards include the U.S. Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service for his leadership during a prominent global counterterrorism investigation, and the Exceptional Service Medal from the Director of National Intelligence for leadership in a sensitive counterterrorism matter.


Mr. Tabb holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining the FBI, he served more than seven years in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry officer, which included participation in combat operations in Southwest Asia.

Mr. Jay S. Tabb

Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States

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