Influence Operations & Psy-Ops: The War Between Wars 

Influence Operations & Psy-Ops: The War Between Wars 

The wars between wars have become a major component in international security, as states and non-state actors try to gain some advantage over one another in the lead up to the next eventual conflict. As technology changes, so does the fundamentals of warfare and in today’s day and age (the information age) manipulation of perception has become an increasingly important tool. What happens on the battlefield is important, but its communication to the public directly affects the population. Theoretically, one can wage—and win—information wars without firing a shot. Terrorists have always relied on psychological warfare to try to scare the affected population into submission and effect political change.


Influence operations are another element in psychological warfare. Foreign or domestic enemies conduct information warfare with the intention of undermining morale, weakening alliances, deepening divisions in society. New technologies, such as fast wireless internet, have afforded this tactic new life and enhanced its capabilities. This workshop will discuss the changes in the field of influence operations and psychological warfare, how it is deployed, who is deploying it and how can we contend with it.

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