Immigration, Integration & the Potential Counter-Terrorism Challenge

Immigration, Integration & the Potential Counter-Terrorism Challenge

This workshop will analyze how current conflicts in the Middle East and Africa have shaped the recent wave of immigration to Western countries. Victims of terrorism seek refuge in Europe, looking for new opportunities and safer life conditions. However, the migration of people from war zones lead to the key issue of terrorist infiltrators. Jihadist fighters disguised as refugees sneak into European countries to stage terrorist attacks, as seen in the case of the November 2015 Paris Attacks. The free flow of individuals makes it difficult to keep track of terrorist movement in the Schengen Area, enabling coordinated terrorist attacks across Europe. 


In addition, the workshop will shed light on the complex relationship between migration and terrorism. Most notably, it will examine how migration and the challenges associated with the integration and absorption of newcomers lead to radicalization. In recent years, terrorist attacks staged by young immigrants living in Europe have highlighted the need for enhanced counter-radicalization policies and effective integration practices.

The workshop on “Immigration, Integration & the Potential Terrorist Challenge” will examine the extent to which immigration poses a threat of terrorism and analyze ways to tackle this issue.

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