Mr. Ilja Bonsen

Ilja Bonsen is the Managing Director and Founder of IB Consultancy and president

of the CBRNe Society. His academic education and professional training

encompass a MA in Political Sciences from Leiden University, a MSc in Strategic

Management and European Management at RSM Rotterdam and Corvinus

University Budapest, and IPMA C Project Management. He is also a certified

Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CAS) and a Strategic Advisor to the Commander Royal

Netherlands Airforce). He has gained extensive professional experience in

consulting and management of large national and international projects related to

CBRNe research, equipment, and response capabilities. Prior to founding IB

Consultancy, he gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in research and

management tasks as a Senior Project Manager at TNO in The Netherlands.

Within IB Consultancy, he initiated, managed and provided guidance to various

European projects such as DG HOME – Support of EU CBRN Action Plan,

Stocktaking study on good practices on reporting of suspicious transactions in

relation to CBRN materials and Study on Chemical Threshold Values, European

Defence Agency – CBRN Countermeasures Concept. Mr. Bonsen also worked on

aviation security projects and on DG MOVE - Threat of IEDs against RORO ferries, resulting in extensive expertise on the protection of critical port infrastructure from security incidents.

Throughout his professional career, and by founding the CBRNe Society, Mr. Bonsen has built an extensive network enjoying great relations with industry and governments both within the EU and in Asia, Middle East, South America and the USA. IB Consultancy and the CBRNe Society organize the leading CBRNe conference series NCT that gathers over 1000 participants worldwide each year, welcoming high-level decision-makers and leading first responders. He also published the NCT/CBNW Newsletter that is send to 15.000 readers each month and is the founder of the newly developed NCT Magazine. Ilja regularly speaks at different conferences and government bodies on CBRNe and is a regular contributor of articles to CBNW Magazine.

Managing Director & Founder, IB Consultancy and President, CBRNe Society, The Netherlands

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