Brig. Gen. Henri Bourdiol

2014 - 2018

Zonal Director Homeland Security- Western zone

Direction of all services within the DGSI (General Directorate for

Internal Security) for  the French Western Area of Defense, in

charge of  non-interference, protection of the state's economic and

scientific assets, counter terrorism.

The services have extended intelligence and judicial jurisdictions

over 20 departments (an area of 13 million people) and the 4

regions of the western zone of Defense



Zonal Director Domestic Intelligence- Western zone

- Implementation of the reform of Domestic Intelligence services

concerning the merger of the DST and the DCRG

- Implementation of counter terrorism, counter interference and

economic intelligence.



Zonal Director for General Intelligence- Region Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur (Marseilles)

Social intelligence, public order

- Intelligence concerning Corsica and Marseille underworld, drug trafficking in peri-urban context.

- Illegal gambling

- Detection of radicalization’s phenomenon


Departmental Director for General Intelligence- Nice

- Security planning and implementation in enclosed premises and public gatherings in international events and casinos supervisions.


Departmental Director for General Intelligence- Finistère


Departmental Director for General Intelligence- Dordogne  


Departmental Director for General Intelligence- Jura


General Intelligence head of service in Bezier




- Chevalier in the Legion of Honor

- Chevalier in the National Order of Merit

- Honor medal of the National Police

- Honor medal of the Guardia civil 

Internal Security Attaché to the Embassy of France in Israel, France

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