Dr. Helena Rego

Helena Rêgo is the Director of the Portuguese Intelligence Academy

under the PortugueseRepublic Intelligence System (SIRP) and was

director of several operational departments of the Portuguese

Intelligence Service (SIS) between 1995 and 2013.
She is an expert in international relations at the Portuguese Institute

of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP). She holds a PhD in

International Relations, with focus on intelligence analysis
and security issues, a Master Degree in International Relations from

the ISCSP focusing on Russian issues, and a Law Degree from the

University of Lisbon. She regularly integrates several academic

Member of the Criminal investigation police international scientific

commission. Invited Assistant Professor at the University of Lisbon

– Law School, between 1985 and 1987,and at ISCSP, between

1992 and 2009. Adviser of several final Degree, Masters and

Doctoral works at the ISCSP, ISCPSI, as well as of post-graduation at the Nova University, in Lisbon, and for the auditors of national defense course of the National Defense Institute.
She integrated the official evaluation team for the courses of the Institute of Social and Political
Sciences (ISCSP) and of the Institute of Police and Homeland Security (ISCPSI). She teaches and coordinates the Post-Graduation course on Structured Analytical Techniques at the Nova University of Lisbon (NOVA Information Management School).

She is a speaker at several conferences in Portugal and abroad, organized by different institutions, namely the Law School, Lisbon University – Lisbon; ISCSP – Lisbon; Political Studies Institute, Catholic University – Lisbon; Institute of National Defense (IDN) – Lisbon and Oporto; Estoril Conferences – Estoril; Portuguese Entrepreneurs Association (AEP) – Lisbon; Customs Authority (DGAIEC) – Lisbon; ISCPSI – Lisbon; Air Force High Studies Institute – Lisbon; Military University Institute – Lisbon; Maritime Authority School – Lisbon; United Nations interregional crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI); Centre for Asymmetric Studies (CATS), Swedish College of Defense – Stockholm (Sweden); Global Futures Forum (GFF); Community of the
Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) Forum – Brasília (Brazil), Maputo (Mozambique) and
Luanda (Angola), among others. She participated in numerous international meetings, notably NATO, EU and Europol, and chaired the Terrorism Working Group (TWG) of the European Council during the Portuguese EU Presidency in 2007. She was a representative at the Counter-Terrorism Coordination Unit (UCAT) between 2003 and 2004. She was co-responsible for the security of several major events. She is a trainer in all SIS and SIRP training courses since 1988.

Director, Intelligence Academy, Portuguese Republic Intelligence System (SIRP), Portugal

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