Ambassador Haim Koren is a former Israeli diplomat and an expert

in the Arab World.

He served as Israel’s Ambassador to the Republic of Egypt between

2014 and 2016. He previously served as the first Israeli

Ambassador to South Sudan and as the Director of the Middle East

Division in the Center of Political Research in Israel’s Ministry of

Foreign Affairs. During his tenure with the Ministry, his positions

included serving as Director of the Political Planning Division and

as Deputy Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also

served in various other diplomatic capacities in Chicago, USA;

Alexandria, Egypt; Kathmandu, Nepal; and elsewhere.

Ambassador Koren is an expert in the Arab World. His Ph.D.

focused on Islam in Sudan, and he also deals with issues as the

Arab Media, the Arab Citizens of Israel and the Palestinians, Radical Islam, Political History of the Middle East, Tribal Societies in the Middle East, and Sufism on the Middle East and Beyond.

In 1993-1995, he was an Honorary Member at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago. From 2008 to 2011, he was an Instructor at the National Defence College of Israel. He has given lectures and seminars on Arabism and Islam, the Ideology of Radical Islam, the Global Dimension of the Foreign Policy in Israel, and New Framework for Thinking on the Middle East. He taught Middle Eastern History and Communications at the University of Haifa.

Ambassador Koren has been a member of Advisory Board of the Slovenian Institute of Middle East and Balkan Studies since 2011, and a Board Member of the Ezri Center for Research of Iran and the Persian Gulf at Haifa University since 2016. He teaches at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) since 2017.

Amb. Haim Koren

Former Ambassador of Israel to Egypt and South Sudan, Israel

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