Mr. Eyal Arad

Eyal Arad (61) is one of Israel's top strategic consultants and

campaign managers, with over 30 years of extensive experience.

He has led the teams, which helped to elect three Prime Ministers

Netanyahu (96), Sharon (01,03) and Olmert (05), as well as

Shimon Peres to President of Israel and numerous other campaigns

to MK's, mayors, and national organizations, and also worked

abroad in various locations.


Beyond the political arena, Mr. Arad consulted many large

international and local corporations in their launch of new

operations and products, devising marketing and communications

strategies and handling crisis management situations. He was

active in most business areas including hi-tech, telecom,

transportation, energy, finance and sports.


Prior to his career as private consultant Mr. Arad was served in Israel's Foreign Ministry as spokesperson of Israel's UN delegation and executive assistant to (then) Deputy Foreign Minister Netanyahu.


Mr. Arad led some of the most successful branding and re-brandings moves in Israel, and has won several local and international prizes for his work.


He is the co-author of "killer Instinct" – the complete guide to candidates and campaign managers, and appears regulary on talk shows as a political commentator.


Mr. Arad graduated JTS in NY with MA in Biblical Theology. He holds the rank of Lt. Colonel (res) in the IDF. He is married and has 5 children.

Political Consultant; Former Spokesperson of the Israeli Delegation to the UN; Former Executive Assistant to Netanyahu, Israel

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