The Honorable Lt. Gen. (Res.) Ehud Barak

Co-Leader, “Democratic Camp” Party and Former Prime Minister & Minister of Defense, Israel

Lt. Gen. (Res.) Ehud Barak began his distinguished career in the IDF in 1959 and served in different leadership capacities; including: Commander in the Sayaret Matkal Commando Unit, Head of the Planning Division of the IDF General Staff; Head of the Military Intelligence Branch; Deputy Chief of Staff and was appointed as 14th IDF Chief of Staff of the State of Israel in 1991. 


After his distinguished career in the military, Mr. Barak join the Labour Party and serve in different capacity, including Minister Education, Defense and was elected Prime Minister in 1999. 

After a short hiatus from politics, he returned to politics for the upcoming election as a co-leader of the Democratic Camp. 

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