Ms. Efrat Lachter

Efrat Lachter is a correspondent for "Friday studio", the flagship

 news magazine program of Israel's largest news company

 ("Ha'Hadashot".) She covers a variety of topics ranging

from political corruption to war zones. Lachter traveled three

times to Iraq to cover the war against ISIS and documented

the kidnappings of Yazidi women, the liberation of Mosul.

This year Lachter went to Syria, being the only Israeli journalist

to enter ISIS' former capital Raqqa.

In addition, Lachter has traveled to Africa where she exposed

leakage of Israeli weapons. She began her career as a

journalist at the age of 23 as an investigative journalist in

the prominent program "Uvda". In 2011, Lachter won the

Young Journalist Award for her investigative work. 

In 2012, she also received the "Primor" award for her report

of lobbyist corruption in the Israeli parliament with Omri Assenhaim,

 and the Documentary Filmmakers Forum prize with Itai Anghel for investigative work which revealed a human trafficking network. Last year, Lachter was in the Forbes "30 under 30" list.

Correspondent, Channel 2 News, Israel

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