Dr. Eddie Wasser

Dr. Eddie Wasser has been the Medical Director for the Prime

Minister’s Protection Detail (PMPD) of the Royal Canadian Mounted

Police (RCMP) for the last 19 years providing protective operations

for four Prime Ministers. He is the RCMP’s EMRT Program National

Director tasked with counter assault, hostage rescue, and counter

terrorism tactical operations. Dr. Wasser has a Masters degree in

counter-terrorism with a focus on lone terrorism, and he was the

Pilar Lead for the Critical Incident Response for the G7 Summit in

Quebec Canada in 2018. Dr. Wasser has more than thirty years’

experience in emergency medicine and prehospital care and he

holds staff privileges at two university based teaching hospitals,

and a Harvard Fellowship Certificate in Disaster Medicine,

Executive Healthcare & Dignitary Protective Medicine. He is a

co-author on the chapter on Protective Medicine with two White

House Physicians.

Medical Director for the Prime Minister’s Protection Detail (PMPD), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canada

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