Cdr. (Ret.) Dr. Eran Israel

Secretary General, International Police Associate, Israel

Professional  Experience

  • 2013 retired from the police

  • From 2011, secretary general of the international police association, Israel

  • section and member of the international social and cultural commission.

  • 2006  to September 2011, the head of community policing department.

  • 1995-2006    founder and head of media services in Israeli police.

  • 1991-1995  founder and head of production and information unit Israel Police.

  • 1991-1985  information officer and spokesman of the "Civil Guard".

  • 1985-1982 ,  assistant head of the Police Community Relations.

  • 1982-1976, base commander, training officer, operations officer in the

  • "Civil guard".



Bachelor's degree (1980) and master (1986) from the Hebrew University in

philosophy and political science.

Ph.D. (2004) in education (subject: Education of Volunteering and Community


Communication and Media Studies Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1997).

Community Media Studies in Jerusalem  (1999(.

Organizational consulting studies at the College of Management in Tel Aviv (1998(

Advanced officers graduate course in Israel Police (1982(.

Graduate of the Command and Staff Course (1988).

 Senior management graduate (1998).


Major Projects:
Establishment of the police community relations unit in the Israel Police.

Establishment of the Information and media unit of the Civil Guard.

Establishment of production and media unit in the Israel police.
Partnership in the establishment of the community-policing unit.
Establishment of information and media department.
Partnership in the creation of the Israel police website and managing it.

Partnership in the establishment of the Community and Civil Guard division.
Development of the integrated community policing centers.(CPC)
Development of media training for officers and application in practice for 12 years.

Write all the manuals and training books .
Producing of all Israel Police albums, albums and books of the "Civil guard", annual reports of the police and books on volunteerism, community, communication, marketing, public relations and communications with community.

Website construction of the international police association. Production and editing the journal of international police association.

Producing films and major events in the Israel Police.
In community policing, leading the construction process of integrated policing.

Leading the "City without Violence" in the Israeli police, the initial experiment and expand of the program.


The Civil Guard, guidebook and history in 1982.
Guidebook "volunteers" theoretical background instruction book. In 1989.
Guidebook "Characteristics of volunteering in the community," in 1989.
Albums Civil Guard albums, 1988, 1989, 1990. (Three editions).
Israel Police Album 2006, 1989, 1990 (three albums).
"Community Communication" training book in 1998.
"Book of the civil guard" The heritage and history of the organization. 1999, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. (Produced five editions updated).
"Community and Civil Guard" in 2006, 2008, 2011 (three editions).
"Policing and communicating" guidebook for police commanders .1998, 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, produced six editions updated.
"Police Marketing" Training book. 1999, 2002, 2004. (3 editions).
"The police magazine" production of the Israel Police journal from -1995-2005.
"IPA magazine" Producing and editing the journal of the International police association magazine from 1997 to 2011. (52 publications).
Producing newsletters and publications in the field of community and volunteerism and community policing.
Development and production of the TV show "Community Police" it was broadcast four years.

Professional  Experience​             
1. Volunteering and community involvement:
I have been in this field for 36 years, and practice it professionally and in the academic field.

 The emphasis is on the theoretical and practical aspects of community policing, operating, and motivating volunteers and creating community involvement.

It was one of two areas in which I was actually practicing in my police service. The second was: communication, media and information.
These main issues that I researched, studied, wrote, taught and worked in practice until the end of my service.
I was responsible for the majority of books, pamphlets, articles, publications, films, broadcasts and articles on the subject of community and volunteering, for twenty-five years.

2. Communications and media:
In the field of communication, media and new media, production, public relations, marketing, teaching and training, research, writing and research, were my professional practice in the Department of Communication, for 15 years.
Emphasis placed on the communal aspects of communications, creating community engagement through community-based and other communication and interaction between the police communication and the community, including training of all Israel Police commanders in the field.
The main issue was to create community and social involvement.

3. Area of ​​community policing:
I was a co-founder of Police Community Relations Unit, I was a co-founder of Community Policing Unit and volunteering division.
Led processes in community policing strategy, training and the introduction of new programs at the national level as, "City without Violence" and accompanying programs, including the actual management of the police program from the program of city without violence.

4. International police association: IPA
Presidium member of the organization since 1997 and from the end of 2010 secretary general of IPA Israel section.
Since 2005 member of the international culture commission. From 2012 member of the international social and cultural commission. Responsible for organizing the World Congress of IPA in Eilat Israel, September 2012. Congress attended by 450 members from 67 countries representing over 430,000 police officers. It was the biggest congress ever held in the 62 years of IPA.
5. After my retirement from the police I formed a company Ltd. It is engaged in consulting in community policing, volunteering, communications, marketing and organizational consulting.                           

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