Mr. Eliayhu Assif

Mr. Eliahu Assif is a recognized expert in Cyber Security across

multiple domains and platforms. He is a cyber-security strategist,

executive, architect and technologist.

He has a strong understanding of business needs and challenges

and knows how to allow technology to be a driver for success

while maintaining security and privacy. Mr. Assif has extensive

experience in security requirements, risk management and security

practices across various industries: Government, Fintech, Industrial

operations. He has a unique knowledge in Incident response and

red teaming, setting, training and managing red teams, with strong

understanding of the business angle. Mr. Assif serves as a business

accelerator and advisory board member for multinational

companies and startups.

He has a comprehensive appreciation of the political climate and

the inter-relationships between business entities, trade associations, Government, law enforcement and regulatory bodies. Mr. Assif previously served as the Chief Defense Technology Officer & Head of the proactive unit at the Israeli CERT - Computer Emergency Readiness Team managing. As a PHD researcher at the School of Political Sciences at Haifa University, he conducts research on the efficiency of the regulator in the field of cyber risk.

Currently, Mr. Assif is the head of cyber security at eToro, a leading global fintech company. He manages a strong security team and a multi mil $ annual security budget. He is responsible for developing and supporting corporate strategy and security programs by building the security and cyber posture of the company and its products. Mr. Assif leads complex cyber defense projects on multi-platforms and conducts research based on data science and analysis. 

He is a frequent public speaker on cyber security, security innovation, incident response, cyber-crime and regulation influence on cyber business and risk management.

Head, Cyber Defense & Information Security, eToro, Israel

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