Arab Culture & Environment

Knowledge of the Arabic language for practitioners in the Middle East and Islamic terrorism is important. Just as important is understanding Arab culture and cultural perceptions based on the Islamic religion & customs of the tribal Arab society (the Jahiliyya period) that shape the behavior of individuals, organizations, and countries.

The training will deal with central issues in the field of Arab culture as reflected in the Middle East and beyond, in the context of society, economics, politics, and terrorism. This will provide participants with the necessary tools needed for deep understanding, intelligent analysis of processes, events, and characteristics of the activity of the various actors in the Middle East and the Islamic world. 

Topics Discussed

The Cultural-Islamic Axis

  • The Arab family unit - the collective before the individual

  • Social principles are the leading designers of reality in the Arab environment, with an emphasis on the Middle East

  • The month of Ramadan - the peak of the Islamic year, features special practical meanings

  • The Internet and the world of Big Data as creators of influence and shapers of awareness

The Vocal Axis

  • Characteristics of social and interpersonal discourse

  • Greetings, expressions, and proverbs as a reflection of cultural and religious concepts

The Radical Islamic Axis

  • The Sunni-Shiite axis - the tension that creates the balance of power in the Middle East

  • The inner Sunni strain - the tension between the various Sunni factions and the rise of global jihad

  • The ideology of the Salafiyya-Jihadiyya - the "fuel" of the global jihad organizations

  • The phenomenon of converts and the second generation of immigrant families

In collaboration with:

An emphasis is placed on understanding the professional and practical significance of these issues and phenomena, and through this lens, we identify effective ways of dealing with the various challenges.

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