Bitcoin – the Untouchable Terror Funds?

Cryptographic currencies are extremely difficult to track and impossible to seize, making them ideal for funding terrorist organizations. This intensive training will cover current and future dangers of Crypto financing, and present the most advanced tracking and interception techniques.

Bitcoin was born to allow a financial alternative to some of the flaws within the global centralized monetary systems. It was not long before the secure and independent payment method was adopted by criminal organizations. promptly followed by rogue states and terrorist organizations. It’s use and adoption rapidly growing each year. Bitcoin and it’s like cannot be simply “stopped”. They need to be understood and smartly used and managed, in order to prevent effective use by terrorist organizations. Then mastered as a tool to give an even bigger advantage in tracking and controlling such funds.

Topics Discussed

Bitcoin deep dive

  • What is blockchain technology, how strong is it really encrypted, and how immutable is it.

Bitcoin alternatives and other DLT’s

  • Which other cryptographic coins are available for under-the-radar operations.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of notable “terror-friendly” cryptographic coins.

Global financial infrastructure

  • Bitcoin alone is only part of an alternative ecosystem which allows uncensored immediate payments. A wide range of global actors, exchanges, OTC desks, mediators, off-shore firms, “crypto-whales” and others complete the full BTC-to-dollar funding cycle.

  • We take a thorough look at the alternatives and actors at play, used by organizations to hide and transfer funds.

Surveillance, monitoring and apprehension

  • As technologies and techniques evolve to provide more anonymous, more secure transfers, other actors develop better tools to shed light on what was once a complete dark box.

  • We introduce the state-of-the-art tools and principles to analyze blockchain ledgers, provide other important data, track and monitor transaction and users.

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