Cyber Terrorism – Weapon of the Future (and Present?)

An intensive review of theoretical and practical approaches to cyber terrorism. This training provides unmatched insight into terrorist cyber-attack capabilities.

The accelerated development of computer technology, in particular – the power of computers, the extensive and deep entrenchment of the Internet worldwide, and the broad accessibility of computers and the Internet – has rendered “cyberspace” a new and dangerous arena of activity for states, terrorist organizations and networks, and individuals with radical ideological or religious motivations. Security forces throughout the world have become convinced that cyberspace is fast becoming the main military and civil arena of such countries and organizations. The implications of a strategic cyber-attack threaten to devastate civil society, causing unprecedented human injury and damage to critical national infrastructure.

Topics Discussed

  • Terrorist Use of the Internet & Cyber-Terrorism 

  • The Nexus between Cyber-Terrorism & Cyber-Crime 

  • Principles of Cyber-Terrorism

  • Review of Cyber-Terrorism Incidents

  • Protecting Vulnerabilities - A needle in the haystack

  • Cyber-Terrorism: Possible Modus Operandi 

  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure 

  • Protecting Soft Targets

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