Det. Charlie Benaim

Police Attaché, New York Police Department (NYPD), United States

Detective Charlie Benaim is a 21 year member of the NYPD. He joined the NYPD

in 1997 and served in a number of units throughout his career

From 2007-present   Detective Benaim serves as the NYPD Liaison in Israel

In 2006, Detective Benaim was assigned to the NYPD Intelligence Bureau

International Liaison Unit

2003-2006   Detective Benaim served in the NYPD Organized Crime Control

Bureau (OCCB) Narcotics Division

1999-2003   He served as a Police Officer in Manhattan North Task Force

unit (Patrol)

1997-1999    He served as a Police Officer 028 Precinct NYC (Patrol)

Detective Benaim is a native of Israel. He was born and raised in Jerusalem.

He served in the IDF’s 35th airborne brigade from 1986 – 1989 and was

honorably discharged from the IDF in the rank of 1st Sgt.

Detective Benaim holds a BA degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice in NYC.

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